Magnesium And Dizziness: Tips For Coping With One Of The Scariest Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

Magnesium Dizziness VertigoHave you ever stood up too fast after sitting for a long time and had everything seem slightly off and out of focus for a short while? Was it an unpleasant feeling that you were glad to have end after a couple minutes?

Now imagine having that feeling when you first wake up in the morning … only it doesn’t go away. All day long the whole world seems fuzzy and off kilter. At night you go to bed hoping that you will feel better the next day, but as soon as you wake up you can tell things still aren’t right.

It’s a scary and confusing feeling, but for me it was a sign of magnesium deficiency. Having survived it I’ve put together some tips for how to cope as well as how taking magnesium for dizziness cured it completely for me.

Dizziness Is A Vague Symptom

When my symptoms first started I would tell my doctors I was feeling dizzy and their first response was always to ask me to be more specific, which was odd to me because I thought I was being specific.

As a result I found out the hard way that dizziness is a difficult symptom for doctors to diagnose:

  • it is a common symptom for a number of different ailments
  • it can be experienced in many different ways

One of the big differences is whether or not the room feels like it is ‘spinning’. This is called vertigo which is a very disorienting feeling, sometimes to the point of nausea.

Another difference is whether or not you feel dizzy only when moving your head or body, or if you feel more dizzy when lying down vs sitting up or vice versa.

Logging Your Life: Track Your Dizziness Symptoms

Because there are so many variations of dizziness it is important to capture as much detail as you can.

Try to think about the best way to describe your dizziness. The more specific you are about your symptoms the more likely it is your doctor can help.

In order to gather more detail about my dizziness my doctor recommended that I keep a daily log of my symptoms.

Try to pay closer attention to what you are experiencing as well as possible triggers:

  • When did your dizziness start? How long did it last? How did it feel? If it has been occurring for a while try to remember what you were doing when it first started.
  • What makes the dizziness feel worse? What makes it feel better? Try to be specific.
  • What have you been eating and drinking each day? Record each meal along with the time.
  • How have you been sleeping? Are you able to keep a regular sleep schedule?
  • What medications are you taking? What vitamin supplements? Record times for these as well.

Try to be as specific and detailed as possible about each day. It may seem tedious or silly but the results are very real: every time I’ve taken a log of my symptoms to a doctor they were able to help me get better faster.


Coping With Dizziness: Relax By Slowing Your Breathing

Before my dizziness was cured I did find one tactic that helped me cope with my dizziness: controlling my breathing.

In the process of Googling for causes of anxiety and dizziness I came across what is called the 7-11 technique which is a method of slowing your breathing by counting the seconds in between inhaling and exhaling:

  • Breathe in slowly, counting for 7 seconds
  • Breathe out slowly, counting for 11 seconds
  • Repeat

While it didn’t completely remove my symptoms it did take the edge off my dizziness, and as a bonus it also helped me manage my anxiety.

It is definitely a challenge when you first try it though as you are basically asking your body to take in less air than it is used to.

Just try to stay focused and calm, and remember that even though you are breathing less your body is actually getting more oxygen.

After a few minutes your breathing should relax naturally as your body adjusts, and the feeling of calm that comes with it is worth the initial struggle.

Magnesium And Dizziness

Surprisingly, when I went to the neurologist for my dizziness he recommended I start a magnesium supplement.

This wasn’t the result I expected but he was absolutely right. After taking magnesium for a while I started feeling better than I had in a really long time. My dizziness was gone!

It turns out that dizziness can be one of the (many) symptoms of magnesium deficiency (along with migraines and restless leg syndrome).

However, after trying many different types of magnesium I finally realized that I recovered faster when I took a better quality magnesium supplement.

Click here to see the magnesium supplement that cured my dizziness

Patience is a Virtue … and Required

Whether or not your dizziness is caused by magnesium deficiency, remember to be patient.

It may take a while to get a diagnosis, so make sure you are prepared for every doctor’s appointment. Have your log with you and be ready to describe your symptoms as best you can.

And if and it turns out you are magnesium deficient like I was, remember that it took a long time for your body to become depleted so it is only natural that it will take a while to build your magnesium levels back up to normal.

Once I started taking my magnesium, I did start to feel better in a couple days but I didn’t return to my usual self for a couple months.

So take it one day at a time, cope as best you can while you prepare for your appointments, and each day should be better than the last!

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  1. Philip says

    Hair Analysis shows that my magnesium level is low. I have been taking magnesium glycinate for two weeks, however dizziness continues.How long will it take to feel results?

    • Andrew says

      Remember that it probably took your body a long time to become magnesium deficient so it will probably take a while to build your magnesium levels back up.

      For me the whole process took around six months:
      – Most of the dizziness was gone in 6 weeks
      – The majority of my symptoms were gone in 3 months
      – I was back to my old self in 6 months

      It did take me a while to find a magnesium supplement that worked well for me though. Knowing what I know now I think I could have recovered faster if I had just started with magnesium glycinate.

      I also found that my dizziness caused me a lot of anxiety and that the two started feeding off each other. I would wake up feeling dizzy, then I’d start to really worry about my symptoms, which made me feel even dizzier. This is where the breathing technique I mention in the post really came in handy – if I could just get myself to relax then the dizziness would become much more manageable.

      It sounds like you’re doing all the right things though: you’ve had a hair analysis done and you’re taking a good supplement. I think all you can do now is be patient and try to relax while the magnesium does its job. And I can say from experience that a full recovery is possible!

      • Christina says

        Hi Andrew
        Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. Reading all the posts has been a much needed relief. I discovered magnesium a few months ago and although most of my symptoms have greatly improved, the dizziness is still here and it is the hardest thing for me. My life is so much harder, mornings are particularly difficult when I wake up in the morning with this dizziness/lightheadiness/unsteadiness or whatever this is. I really feel like an ant at the bottom of mount Everest. And if on top of the dizziness I get anxious, which I get for no apparent reason, then the problem is 100 per cent worst.
        I have started on magnesium glycinate today and I am hoping that this will help. In the past I have been using mostly magnesium oil and little magnesium citrate and malate.
        I am sharing this with you because I know you understand. I only need some encouraging words from any of you.
        In the past, I had dizzy days but in the last couple of months it´s been with me on and off almost daily.
        Thank you for listening.

        • Andrew says

          I hope the magnesium glycinate helps – it has certainly done wonders for me but everyone is different.

          Hang in there, you are not alone!

  2. Michelle says

    I have had dizziness which actually was from a Vitamin D deficiency. If a person is extremely dizzy but not vertigo, they should get their Vitamin D checked by their doctor. It’s a simple blood test. If you experience vertigo, which I did last week, I have been researching it and have learned about the magnesium deficiency being a problem. I also have leg cramps which could be a potassium deficiency. Apparently I suck. Anyway, when you have other deficiencies, it may be hard to up your levels by supplements alone. Try magnesium bath salts or Nature Calm which is a powder you can use in your drink to get magnesium. Also, diet is everything too. But do more than one thing. You will know if you have too much magnesium if your stools are too loose. My underlying problem might be a leaky gut from dairy products as I’ve noticed problems big time with dairy. I also read that dairy can cause vertigo if you are allergic or intolerant. Google dairy and vertigo and see what others are saying.

    • Andrew says

      You make a great point about Vitamin D. My wife had a blood test done recently for a different reason and the results came back that her Vitamin D levels were low. Neither of us spend a lot of time in the sun so we’ve both started taking a Vitamin D(3) supplement which I’ve noticed has improved my overall mood.

      I definitely agree that the best way to get our nutrients is through food when possible. I’ve read a couple things recently though that have talked about soil sometimes becoming depleted of magnesium which is resulting in fruits and vegetables that don’t have as much as they used to. I’m starting to wonder if there’s a pattern developing: when we over-use farmland for crops we deplete the soil of its natural magnesium content, so over time the food we eat has less even though our eating habits haven’t changed, and in the end we become deficient ourselves without knowing why.

      And you’re spot on about the loose stools … that’s how I gauge whether I’m getting enough magnesium or too much. I wasn’t sure how to broach that topic in my posts though, so thank you for starting it for me :)

  3. Natalia says

    I wish that the all doctors would have that knowledge! I began to be so dizzy in November last year that it actually put me into derealisation and extreme fatigue stage. At first I was diagnose with labirinthitis and told to go home and wait till its gone. Of course it didn’t go away and the diagnose turned to be not right. I needed to quit my job as I was not able to cope. The have spent all my money for the doctors visits and made all the medical exams that probably exists just to hear in the end that it is anxiaty and depression. I was so desperate that I even believed it for a while and went for a number of psycho therapies. Of course with no result. I made a research myself and decided to take magnesium, it took me 2 months to clear myself up from that debilitating symptom. However I was trying to find out what is wrong for 5 months which ruined my life then! And anytime I would ask doctors if this could be related to a defficiency of vitamin D or Magnesium they would just nearly laugh at me saying definitelly no and it wasn’t just one person. I can’t believe how many people all around the world are suffering just because they don’t get the right information. That whole experience left me to be very untrustfull for the medicine world.

    • Andrew says

      Five months is a long time to search for an answer! :(

      I lucked out when one my doctors actually recommended magnesium for me (after also being diagnosed with labyrinthitis by an ENT at first). I imagine I would have found it myself eventually but it definitely saved me a lot of time searching.

      I’m glad you didn’t give up though. It’s easy to take a passive role when we are sick, simply relying on doctors to tell us what we should do, but it sounds like you took an active role which I think is the single most important thing we all need to do. We need to be our own health advocates and make sure we are getting the right care, including finding the good, knowledgeable doctors that are out there.

      When I first started this site I wondered if I was alone in my experience, but as the emails and comments keep coming in it’s becoming clear that magnesium deficiency is more common than I originally thought. You are definitely not alone in this.

      And it seems like you are on the right path now. I hope things continue to improve for you!

      • Travis says

        I am starting to take magnesium malate. Did you take other minerals along with magnesium or magnesium alone? Thanks in advance.

        • Andrew says

          It was just magnesium alone. Some of the magnesium supplements I’ve tried since have included calcium but in the beginning (as well as now) it was only magnesium.

          I do take a multivitamin though and have for a long time, and it includes various other minerals, but that didn’t prevent my becoming magnesium deficient though …

    • sam says

      I have had the same issue as you. I have had TMJ dizziness fatigue, muscle pain palpitations where my heart was pounding and loads of other problems inc ear popping couldnt tolerate loud noises and was diagnosed eith severe vit d deficiency. Unfortunately that therapy made me more ill and for 4 months I thought I was gona die my palpitations got worse and muscles spasmed. Then I took magnesium out of advice by a family member and I actually felt it was working. I felt relieved daily but now I am 1 week into the therapy and not ready to go back go work just yet. Magnesium is my cure im sure. It relaxes contracted muscles

      • Andrew says

        My muscles are usually my first indicator that my magnesium levels are low. Either my Restless Leg Syndrome will flare up, my neck muscles will get tight and painful, or I’ll get weird muscle spasms around my rib cage.

        I hope the magnesium works for you!

  4. kathy says

    Hi! I am also feeling dizzy and lightheaded for the last 2 weeks. It started when I was on my HCG diet drops. All the water must have flushed away all the potassium and magnesium in my body. I went to the doctor and I was told to eat right and stop the dieting. So I did. But it’s been a week now and I still feel dizzy. I went to the lab for blood test today and waiting for results. I hope it’s nothing serious. I’ll update you guys. Thanks.

    • Andrew says

      Potassium – interesting!

      It amazes me just how many symptoms can be related to various vitamin deficiencies. My Restless Leg Syndrome has been really bad lately so I’m actually waiting on the results of a blood test to check my iron levels.

      I’m glad you found the answer – thanks for checking back and letting us know what it was!

  5. Pamela says

    Andrew, you have been giving me hope for several weeks now. I have been experiencing dizziness for a while and am currently using magnesium oil to hopefully remedy this situation. It has been four weeks now at 400 mg a day. Plus I take 80 mg of Calm at night. I’m also eating magnesium rich foods. Do you think I’m getting enough magnesium per day? The dizziness is still with me to a degree. But I feel that it has diminished some. I certainly hope my case will be as successful as yours. I and also being treated for hypothyroid and am undergoing bio-identical hormone treatment. So many things at once!

    • Andrew says

      The RDA for Magnesium is between 300mg and 400mg per day, so it sounds like you’re around the recommended amount.

      I’m currently taking 625 mg per day: 200mg (glycinate) in the morning and another 425mg (malate) before bed. I’ve been doing this for about a year now and it seems to be around the right amount for me, but I think everyone has different requirements. It’s more than the RDA but I don’t think I absorb everything I take. At this point I try to take as much as I can until my bowels tell me I’ve taken too much … that’s actually how I gauge my intake now.

      If you’re not sure though it may be worth asking your doctor to test your magnesium levels if you haven’t already. This is true for any vitamin – recently I was pretty sure my iron levels were low because my Restless Leg had gotten pretty bad so I went and had a test for a couple different vitamins. Turns out my iron was fine but my vitamin D was low (the vitamin D was unrelated to the RLS). Sometimes it’s just better to know for sure.

      You definitely have a lot going on though. Please stop back and let us know how you make out and if the magnesium helps!

  6. Allison Stankovic says

    Hello, I had labyrinthitis a few months ago it knocked me for a 6 I was flat on my back for 13 days. Which isn’t easy when I’ve got a young child. Last weekend within a matter of a few minutes I was flat on my back again with server Vertigo after getting the DR to me he gave me a shot of Stemetil it took me two-three days this time to come right. Then yesterday after diving into a swimming pool when I came up I didn’t feel right. So last night I took a Stemetil tablet I didn’t sleep very well & woke up this morning feeling horrid again. So took another Stemetil & went back to bed & slept for 3 hours. I’m now not feeling to bad so will take it very easy for the next few days.
    Funny you talk about taking Magnesium as I stated taking it two weeks ago right before my second attach of Vertigo. Every time after I took a tablet within 10-20 mins I would just feel off. But after doing some more reading this morning I find more & more people are taking it for dizzy spells. Do you take your supplement at night or morning. I was taking them in the morning so maybe night time is the key.
    I am going to see my GP in the new year to find out some things that can bring it on & am I now going to have to be aware of things I do, like putting my head under the water!
    Anyway thank you for this site it’s been very helpful.

    • Andrew says

      I actually take my magnesium both in the morning and at night. I seem to absorb it better if I split it out over the course of the day instead of taking it all at once.

      About 10 years ago I had what I’m pretty sure was BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). One night I was watching TV on the couch and I laid down on my side to get more comfortable … and the room immediately started spinning. I could feel my eyes tracking from right to left on their own (nystagmus) and it didn’t stop for over a day. It finally went away completely after a couple days (and has never returned) but I can definitely sympathize with the true vertigo you have experienced with labyrinthitis: it is not fun.

      The dizziness I experienced from magnesium deficiency was very different from the vertigo I experienced with BPPV though. Instead of the room spinning like crazy it was a vague sense of everything being fuzzy, more like being light-headed than true vertigo.

      Hopefully your GP can help you prevent more episodes. If you get a chance please let us know how it goes!

      • jennie says

        Do you think the magnesium has helped your BPPV? I have that, a vestibular deficit in right ear and migraine associated vertigo.

        • Andrew says

          Hi Jennie. When I had BPPV it was well before my magnesium deficiency so I never tried any. To be honest I don’t think it would have helped me, but fortunately my BPPV worked itself out over the course of a week.

          It was absolutely awful though and I can sympathize with what you are going through. I hope you find relief soon!

  7. Greg says

    I first starting feeling symptoms after 2 years of working out and not replenishing my magnesium levels. Initially the Dr diagnosed B-12 as the culprit of my dizziness and lightheadedness.Started B-12 shots with no improvement. I had 3 more bloodworks done and it took a 911 call as I became so lightheaded that I could not sleep or function. The ER diagnosed me with low mag levels and gave me mag through an IV. Felt better after a 3 day stay and went home to begin supplements. It took my own research to find the right type of mag supplement for me…chelated. I was actually told to take oxide, the worst absorbtion of them all. I took 400 mg of the chelated and felt better. (3 days ago)…today a step back. Now that I realize through others that it will take a bit, I can be more patient with my dizzy symptons and lack of a good nights sleep. I can function now, but not near to the level I was back in April of this year. I would never wish this on anyone, but its good to know that I’m not alone.

    • Andrew says

      You are definitely not alone.

      If anything, the longer this page stays up and people continue to share their own experiences the more I’m realizing that magnesium deficiency affects more people than I thought.

      It’s also interesting that you were told to take magnesium oxide. I wonder if that’s the default option for doctors because it’s the cheapest? Or maybe it works well enough for most people but it’s not sufficient for extreme cases like what you went through?

      I know it did nothing for me as well but I don’t have any concrete data on which type of magnesium works the best for most people (though like you most things I’ve read have pointed towards chelated).

      What type of chelated are you taking?

      • Greg says

        I’m trying the Drs Best, which seems to be working a bit. The past couple of days, I have not gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night….very difficult times. I have not been eating much as I should so I’m making sure I’m getting regular food containing mag even though eating is the last thing on my mind with the lightheadedness, I did ask the nurse why the oxide and her reply…”thats what he always prescribes”. He needs to read your site, I’m thinking. I did try Natural Calm…and never will again. I lost what I’ve been working to gain the past week.

          • Greg says

            Thanks, I’ll do that. The past 2 nights I have gotten a good nights sleep, not like I used to, but at least I as able to stay in bed the whole night and not have to get up several times wondering what the heck was going on as every time I closed my eyes, the wozziness would not go away, therefore, no sleep. I’ve focused the past few days to really go after the mag through food and supplements. To pay attention because this condition is something that needs it. Its only been about 9 days since the correct supplements, so I’m in it for the long haul. Thanks for the site…gives me hope that this won’t be with me the rest of my life.

      • Greg says

        I did try the Carlsons and got pretty good results. Its only been about 2 weeks since, but I noticed that I’ll have good days that get me optimistic, then for no good reason I’ll have a few bad ones. None are as bad as before the supplements, and I’m sleeping better (not great, better), but is the recovery a bit of a roller coaster? Need some encouragement so that I can believe that one day I’ll be myself again.

        • Andrew says

          My recovery was definitely not linear. I had good days and bad days, but over time the good days became more frequent and then eventually all days were good days.

          I don’t know why it was such an up and down process, and the down days always made me fear that I was sliding backwards, but as things progressed it became easier to see that the down days were just temporary.

          So yes, a roller coaster is a perfect way to describe it, but it was a roller coaster headed in the right general direction.

          • Greg says

            As the cowboy said to the bartender in the 1870’s saloon as he gulped down the shot of whisky………..”thanks, I needed that!” I find myself getting optimistic, then the next….bam….woozy again. I have had days where they started out woozy, then got much better and then the opposite….like yesterday. Its getting a bit mental for me…trying to keep focused on the big picture. Thanks for the good news.

  8. Janelle says

    I’m getting frustrated bc I’ve been telling Doctors and neurologist how I feel but they tell me it’s just anxiety. I’ve requested a blood test and I’m awaiting results. I feel so off balanced and I just had a baby 8 weeks ago, so I’m thinking I’m pretty low on minerals and vitamins. I have many of the symptoms of lacking magnesium: twitches, tremors, tension head aches, locked jaw (tmj), insomnia. I just want to feel better! This has been going on for about 5 months. I did get some magnesium supplements

  9. michael says

    hey guys, im soo happy i found this little gem thread, 2 months ago i started having severe panic attacks out of nowhere, went through the last while with on and off nights of insomnia, then i started having these horrifying symptoms of tight chest, palpitations, and now even if i am relaxed i feel a strong pulsing sensation that shakes my entire body, its minimal but its soo annoying, i have the tremors too, and i feel off balance when i walk , like when i get up off the couch or out of bed i get a huge wave of dizziness , but it remains with me throughout the day ( not as severe) everyday i get up and hope i will be back to my old self,but now im lost on where to start with supplementation.i have a good diet, im in good shape,exercise everyday, i am getting to sleep, 8 hours every night. its just pissing me off that im not even nervous or anxious and these symptoms persist.

    • Greg says

      Sounds a lot like myself, this site has done wonders for me so keep checking it out. As far as the supplementation, just start and you may have to find out what workds best for you……but START. You won’t get better if you don’t start the mag supplements. I cannot work out anymore, haven’t since my dizziness started back in July. I’m much better since I started the mag, but its only been a month for me and I now have good days where before I had a week where I did not trust myself driving. No problem now, but my stamina is shot. I got this way working out and not getting enough mag until I got so woozy that I had to stop. Start the supplements asap……….the chelated form works best for most. The info is out there, things the Drs could not figure out in nearly 5 months. Hang in the, the dizziness is the most aggravating fro me too.

  10. KyMama says

    My son has been dizzy for 6 months. We’ve had all kinds of tests done… he was diagnosed with POTS “Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome” . He feels like he is constantly on a tilt-a-whirl. I asked his doc about potassium and magnesium but the doc said it wouldn’t make him this dizzy. I think we need to try it anyhow! I would love to hear the results of others with severe dizziness – whether the magnesium helped or not…

    • Greg says

      I’m not a Dr, but I’ve heard it more than a few times from Dr’s that a magnesium or potassium deficiancy wouldn’t make me dizzy. Yes both can. The difference is that there is usually a reason why one becomes deficient in those minerals. Is your son? I’m still dizzy, on and off for about 7 months, but only recently was diagnosed with low mag, and have been treating that for 7 weeks.

      • KyMama says

        He had a really bad throat infection… now he’s diagnosed with POTS. Been on midodrine and florinef… still dizzy. Docs arent very helpful so I’m looking for a solution… We do see a dietician soon. Hoping that helps!

    • Natalia says

      I was told just the same thing by the drs I visited: It would not make you so dizzy. Even though I had many other symptoms, no dr would even consider low magnessium as a problem. If I wouldn’t do my own research I’m sure I will still be horribly dizzy! KyMama, don’t give up, I know how hard it is to be in that situation, I suffered for many months and then it took me about 2 to go back to normal. Now I live happy life, watching my diet and taking magnessium once a week or so to make sure it is not getting too low again.

        • Natalia says

          Yes, I started taking Slow-Mag as first. I took 6 pills per day (4 in the evening and 2 in the morning, always for empty stomach and waiting at least 30 minutes beofore eating something) for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks only 2 per day and I repeted that 3 times. After the first 2 weeks I already could tell the difference, however I still felt bad. Now just to keep the magnessium level right I am using Chelated Magnessium Aspartate from Bluebonnet, that I found on the health shop. If the maggnesium is too low one have to take much more a day than usually nedeed to build ihe level back to normal. I also red many times that it is important to choose the capsules that are absorbing in the bowel, some of them are just digested in the stomach.

        • Natalia says

          I just add that my problems with maggnesium also started after the infection. Before I did not notice any major defficiency symptoms apart from eyes twiching sometimes. I think the medications prescribed to me were just killing the last magnessium stock in my body.

  11. Teri says

    I’ve been suffering dizzy spells since November and am off on Short term disability from work now due to it. I’ve had MRI, ct scan, allergy testing, chiro adjustments and now being sent for vestibular rehabilitation therapy to see if it will help.
    I’ve been logging and noticed my dizziness gets worse with anxiety/stress and around my menstrual cycle… After reading all the comments on here I can’t help but think maybe I too have a deficiency. How do you know which supplement to use? And how much?

    • Ute says

      Have your iron, vitamin D, and magnesium levels checked at your next blood test. I am a diabetic due to iron overload (inherited hemochromatosis). When I was young, I experienced extreme dizziness around my menstrual cycle ….. losing lots of iron. After menopuse, I started having iron overload that led to diabetes. I have to drink lots of fluids and loose therefor lots of minerals due to using the restroom a lot. A few months ago my physician prescribed a higher amount of insulin and now I am experiencing dizziness to the point where I have to hold myself anywhere I can to prevent from falling. Also, my eyesight gets sometimes blurry to the point where I can’t see people’s faces. The blurriness subsides after approximately 15 minutes. Also, lately I’ve been having leg cramps in the middle of the night and blame a low magnesium level for it. Now, I feel like I am living in a trap not being able to eat the correct food due to my high iron levels and my diabetes. I am currently trying to elevate my magnesium level with OTC medication hoping that it will do the trick. By the way, I’ve been underweight all my life, bringing a merely 112 lbs. on the scale.

  12. R R says

    What is the best test for checking magnesium level in the body. It appears that Serum Magnesium does not provide the right information.

  13. Dale says

    I used to suffer from occasional dizzy spells which i would describe as spinny rooms,it left me with a disturbing pain taht would eventually dissipate. I had one of these spells and then what procedded was a constant fuzz like a brain fog that hasnt left in 18 months. Has anyone else experienced this.

  14. toni says

    Hello.. just a reminder that magnesium has an impact on the health of your ‘adrenals’… and when those are off… due to stress… you can have dizziness, etc… lots of symptoms, like unbalanced blood sugar, trouble sleeping…. crashing at 3-5 in the afternoon…. and magnesium will help the adrenals. the adrenals also need to be evaluated…. Vit. C helps heal those.. low carb eating programs…. making sure you are manufacturing cortisol in the right amounts as well as adrenaline and DHEA,…… also you can investigate home tests using light shined into the eyeball to see if you are ‘wasting salt’… (do your pets lick your skin all the time now?) as that imbalance of salt to potassium will make you also feel panicky…… also, adrenal troubles can give you low blood pressure… and heart palps.. all kinds of things. I am getting to the bottom of some of my life destroying problems (I have had trouble being able to go to work… gads)…. and will definitely get back to my magnesium. I take so many things I sometimes forget the efficacy of something in particular! our bodies are some complexed! good luck to all…. hugs.. t (body practitioner/wellness coach)

    • Andrew says

      All great points – thanks Toni!

      I do drink coffee and I’ve wondered if the caffeine could affect my adrenal glands over time … have you seen anything that suggests a correlation between the two?

    • Andrew says

      I’m here :)

      Go ahead and share your story, and if I don’t have anything to add then maybe someone else here will.

  15. Chris says

    I’m at my wits end. I have been constantly dizzy (lightheaded, hard to focus and concentrate, fuzzy) for the last 3plus year now. (Possibly due to head injury when paint balling)

    First dr put me on citalopram different dosage over 1 and 1/2 year. Done nothing

    Asked to be given blood tests came back normal

    Asked for MRI apparently normal

    Asked for referral to ent currently looking at balance so far normal.

    In the meantime I’ve been given anti vertigo drugs so far no difference

    I’m so fed up now and becoming depressed because of my symptons .

    I really don’t know if I can carry on anymore if I don’t cure this soon.

    I have dr appoint mon and going to request another blood test and referral to cardiovascular for a stress test.

    I don’t know what else to do….

    • Andrew says

      Three years is a long time :(

      It sounds like you’re doing all the right things though – hopefully it’s just a matter of finding the right doctor that can give you the right diagnosis. I went through a GP, an ENT, and finally it was a neurologist that helped me with my dizziness. Have you seen a neurologist?

      Hang in there and keep pressing for answers. It only takes one correct diagnosis to make a world of difference.

  16. Peach says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been suffering from the same dizziness symptoms you mentioned for many months which has prevented me from doing everything I used to. I asked my doctor about whether I should take Magnesium but she only laughed and said I should get enough from my daily diet, which I doubt I do. I bought Magnesium anyways but the one I got is called Magnesium Citrate, would that be ok to take and can anyone take it?

    • Andrew says

      One of the bestselling magnesium supplements on Amazon is Natural Vitality Natural Calm which is made from magnesium citrate, and from what I’ve read magnesium citrate is one of the better kinds to take (I took it for a while before switching to glycinate and malate).

      If you do end up trying it let us know if it helps!

      • Peach says

        Thanks, I will. One more question, if at home we all have the same diet, we eat basically the same, but I’m the only one having these horrible symptoms, does that mean I could have Magnesium deficiency and they don’t? (Even with the same diet?)

        • Andrew says

          I imagine it’s possible. What you eat is part of it, but it also depends on your body’s ability to absorb the magnesium you consume, which depends in turn depends on genetics, other medications you take, the amount of sleep you get, your stress levels, and a bunch of other things.

          So food is just one factor :)

  17. Fi Fi says

    I too have been dizzy and feeling off kilter, when I turn my head swiftly right it left I get really fuzzy n dizzy . It had been approxiametly 3 months ! Doctors don’t have any answers.
    Someone said drink lots of water I started doing that I bought some cheap water n I started getting headaches. The bottles of water was in the son for hours they were plastic bottles, after drinking I got headaches n dizzy.
    I want to buy the magnesium I get severe leg cramps n I don’t sleep very well.. My skin n ears are very dry ad well! Please help!!

    • caroline says

      I’m so glad I found this. I feel so alone. I felt like I was going to die for a week the palpitations were so bad. Constant dizziness came on suddenly but been taking magnesium and potassium for a few days and feeling a lot better. Still afraid to go to sleep though.

      • caroline says

        My family think this is all in my head. It’s horrid when everyone thinks it’s caused by anxiety. I wasn’t anxious before, it all came on suddenly and I’ve been constantly dizzy for 2 weeks. I felt very ill also. I’ve done a lot of research as I was so desperate. It seems as though taking magnesium also helps to raise potassium as being low in either will cause problems. I asked the doctor at a & e ( uk)what my potassium level was, I’m sure he said 1 which is dangerously low. He didn’t seem worried.

        • caroline says


          My dizziness has almost gone. After taking magnesium and potassium for just under a week. No dizziness for 2 days and just about half an hour today, it was constant. I have worked my way up gradually from 100 mg magnesium citrate per day to 500mg as it can make you slightly worse at first if you take too much. I’m also taking about 400 mg of potassium. Having looked at a lot of studies they seem to work together but it is easier to over dose on potassium than magnesium. I have also cut out salt eating healthy fresh food and raw garlic mayo every day ( like the spanish) I don’t care if I stink as long as I feel ok.

  18. Marc says

    I have been suffering for 2 years .I am 24 years old. I have tried so much to get help and I am really hoping this is the answer. I am starting magnesium supplements as of today!

    Symptoms are daily dizziness , anxiety, brain fog , faintness, tingling hands and neck , food sensitivity, heart palpitation , blurry vision

    This is a complete nightmare . All my symptoms started after going to the gym for about 3 months. I am praying for my life back. My doctor is of no help believes it’s just anxiety and depression. It defiantly feel more comforting knowing that I don’t suffer alone. No one but all of us understand what we’re going threw.

    Thank you all

    • Andrew says

      Justin’s symptoms started after going to the gym as well. I wonder if it’s coincidence or if there’s something more to it.

      Either way, I do hope the magnesium helps. Please let us know if it does!

  19. Marc says

    I hope it’s really helps . It’s so debilitating work days are so hard to get threw I also play soccer and it’s so hard to get ready for my games but I love the sport and can go on without playing . I will defiantly report back on hopefully good progress

  20. caroline says

    Maybe it’s because all of the electrolytes have been sweat out without replacing. Mine started after a few really hot days. Just a thought. Potassium seems to really help me too. It seems as if magnesium is the master mineral that controls levels of all the others, too much salt can deplete levels so I’ve tried to cut it out. I’ve been doing an excessive amount of research! But unfortunately I’m feeling dizzy again today.

  21. caroline says

    Also I found a blog where someone had surgery on a bone and it happened ( I can’t find it now) I also have a palatal expander which I have been turning too much. Magnesium is essential for building bone and explains why pregnant women often get palpitations and dizziness this has been linked to magnesium deficiency.

  22. Melissa says

    As someone mentioned earlier, have your vitamin D level checked. (You can order a test online). If you are low, purchase 50,000 IU dry vitamin D, such as Biotech and take 1/day for 8 days. Then take between 400 IU and 1,000 IU/day for maintenance.

    During this same time take plenty of magnesium. I haven’t found that any one form of magnesium works better than another. However, I have found that a smaller amount spread out through the day works best for me. I take Thompson magnesium 100 mg, 6 or 7 times a day. If you really have malabsorption problems, you could also try magnesium lotion. It is easier to use than the magnesium oil, which is very irritating to the skin.

    B12 deficiency can also cause dizziness. This is especially true for those of you who also have neurological symptoms (tingling/numbness). You may want to try a strong b12 supplement such as Jarrow methylcobalamin 5,000 mcg. You can also order b12 injections from

    Having celiac disease, I have had every nutritional test known to man. Two of them were particularly helpful, and I would definitely recommend them. One is an organic acids test. The one I got was Genova Diagnostics Metametrix Organix comprehensive profile – urine. I learned so much about what my body was lacking from this test. The other really helpful one was a fatty acids test — Genova Diagnostics Metametrix Bloodspot fatty acid profile. I ordered both of these tests from a site called They are well worth the money!

    • Andrew says

      Great information – thanks Melissa! The links to the tests are especially interesting.

      Also interesting is that Vitamin D has come up a lot in the past couple days: low levels of D can cause dizziness, and supplementing with D can cause low levels of magnesium.

      So many variables! :)

  23. Ally says

    I too had the symptoms you all have described. The dizziness & brain fog that led to anxiety that led to panic and confusion. A very scary combo. I also became VERY fatigued and weak in my muscles. Especially my arms and legs. Which again was/is very scary. They would go from achey to weak to almost on the verge of a spasm to twitchy. I’d had high anxiety for a while, along with mental fog…but never this severe. A few months ago I was told I had a Vitamin D deficiancy and was taking prescribed Vitamin D. It helped and my numbers went up. Well, I hadn’t taken it for awhile and thought I’d start it back up. So I did and also that same week I started running and working out a lot more than usual. 2 days later I was hit with all of these symptoms like mack truck. I honestly had never felt so bad in all my 33 years alive. It was terrifying and exhausting. I started trying to figure out what the problem was and why it came on so suddenly and about 5 days in I remembered taking the Vitamin D…so I did some Googling and saw that prescription Vitamin D can cause a Magnesium deficiancy and also cause a Calcium overload (because you need Magnesium to help absorb the Calcium). When I saw these symptoms I was sure they were exactly how I was feeling. I called my Dr. and am now on my 2nd day of taking Magnesium. I know this is just the beginning, but I am hoping this will put me on the right track to feeling better and being back to my normal self. A week of feeling that bad has really put life in to perspective. I don’t wish how I felt on anyone. Thank you for sharing your story Andrew, it has helped me feel better that others know how I feel. Because it really is hard to explain exactly how you’re feeling with this. I hope I continue to feel better and I hope you all do as well!

    • Andrew says

      Interesting! We’ve seen a lot of instances of Vitamin D supplementation leading to low magnesium levels in the past couple days.

      Thanks for sharing Ally! I hope the magnesium helps – please let us know how it goes.

  24. Fiona says

    Hi guys,
    I started reading the first few comments and I’m wondering if any of you have heard of Dr Carolyn Dean. She wrote the book THE MAGNESIUM MIRACLE. I am certain if you google Dr Dean, you will find some extremely interesting and valuable facts regarding magnesium and all that it does.
    There is such a high magnesium deficiency in our population due to loss in the soil.
    Look her up, you will be so glad you did !


    • Andrew says

      A thousand times yes! :)

      I’m a huge fan of her work. Her book helped me a great deal when I was trying to learn about magnesium. She’s also heavily involved in the Nutritional Magnesium Association, and their site also has a lot of useful information.

      Lastly, I’m currently trying her ‘Completement Now!’ wellness program which covers more than just magnesium.

      You’re spot on Fiona – thanks for mentioning Dr. Dean :)

  25. Fiona says

    Hi Andrew

    Yes I too am trying the program. Makes so much sense to me !
    So glad to hear you’ve read Dr Deans book. If only all doctors
    were like her. There are some but you have to search high and
    low for them lol.
    Here’s to magnesium ✋

  26. Shirley says

    Hi Andrew, like others here I am so grateful for your comments and advice and not feeling quite so alone anymore. My vertigo started five weeks ago, I turned over in bed and felt like I was on a roller coaster. Had another attack four days later – both times it passed when I sat upright, but I felt nauseated all day. Went to the GP at work who diagnosed BPPV. I went to an Osteo for the Epley Manoeuvre and that seemed to help. But then two weeks later I lay down on my right side and the ceiling started spinning violently, it didn’t stop when I sat up, but settled eventually. All that day I felt dizzy, sick and brain foggy (the brain fog is still with me).

    I went to my home Doc and he diagnosed neuronitis/labyrinthitis and said it’s just a virus and will clear in a couple of weeks (even though I’ve had it longer than that!). But he also gave me a referral for a CT scan, haven’t been yet as it can also trigger vertigo (because of the iodine solution they inject you with).

    I have found this site (thank you so much) and a study about magnesium and tinnitus conducted at the Mayo clinic (I also have had tinnitus for the last 2-3 years).

    Anyway, two nights ago I started taking Magnesium. Slept well the first night and felt better yesterday, but today I feel wonky and more brain fuzzy… but obviously it will take time to clear and I hope it does. What surprises me is that I eat really healthily, exercise daily, don’t drink alcohol and thought I was nutritionally “sound”(huh, I think I sound smug!) – but hadn’t considered depleted soil and mineral deficiency in food, which is interesting.

    Again thank you for your comments and the support you give to everyone – it is very much appreciated. :)

    • Andrew says

      Thank you for your kind words Shirley :)

      I had BPPV 10+ years ago and I still remember just how severe the vertigo and nausea were. If that’s what you’ve been feeling then I sympathize!

      My GP also had me go through a CT scan when I was trying to figure out the dizziness I describe here, and while it didn’t help me figure out what the problem was I can tell you that when it came back clean I was overcome with a very strong sense of relief that there was nothing structurally wrong with my ears and head. It ruled out so many awful things that it made it the whole process worthwhile for me.

      That said, the brain fog you describe sounds very similar to the fuzziness I had along with my dizziness. I hope the magnesium helps you feel better! Please let us know how it goes.

  27. Ally says

    Hello! I just wanted to check back in with everyone and share my progress. I’ve been taking a Magnesium mix once a day for about 6 weeks and a lot of my symptoms have calmed down. Especially the really scary ones…the confusion, dizziness, high anxiety and what I would call the mental issues. Although I still feel a fuzziness/brain fog at least it isn’t nearly as unsettling as the original symptoms.

    I still have an occasional musle twitch here or there and my muscle just seem a little weak overall. I also still have tinnitus and also unusually bad body odor (the joys of magnesium defiency!). I’ve personally found that the magnesium I’m on currently is pretty tough on my belly…even if I take it at night with food, the next morning my stomach is upset. So, this week I think I’m going to change up my type and see if I can’t find something that can help more. I also did some research and read a lot by Dr. Dean and she suggested Magnesium Glycinate…has anyone tried that form?

    Also, has anyone had any success with Epsom Salt baths? I got some last night and was just curious of other’s results. I figured since my stomach is very sensitive the transdermal thing might work better for me personally. I too also signed up for the free trial weeks at Dr. Dean’s website but haven’t had a chance to look over it. Andrew, let me know how it’s working for you and what you think.

    I hope everyone is feeling better…again, I can’t thank you all enough for this link and website. It really does help to not feel alone! :)

    • Andrew says

      That’s great news Ally, I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! Thanks for letting us know :)

      Everyone’s stomach seems to have different tolerances for different types of magnesium. Glycinate and Malate have been the gentlest on my stomach, but others here swear by Citrate. I think it’s a process of trial and error, unfortunately. At least you are making progress!

      As for Dr. Dean’s program, so far I’m enjoying the material. I like getting the health tips in my inbox every couple days. Some cover topics I’ve seen before so they are just a refresher, but a couple of the tips have been very interesting. Module 4 in particular is making me rethink my sleeping environment.

      I’ll be curious to know what you think of the modules when you get a chance to review the material :)

  28. Kyle says

    Great site – this has been very encouraging to me. My story is somewhat similar to yours. At the end of June I started having acute spinning vertigo when I’d roll over to my right side in bed, or sometimes when I would bend over and my head would be inverted. The dizziness would pass very quickly, but I couldn’t sleep on my right side, and started having terrible anxiety and depression. I could drive and otherwise function, but had never had anxiety like I had with this, and I’d NEVER had the level of depression I was suffering. I’d had my mid-life-crisis “down” feelings, but never anything where I felt so bereft and bleak, frequently near tears, like true clinical depression. My GP diagnosed BPPV, as I had the classic symptoms – nystagmus after Dix-Hallpike test on the right side. ENT said the same, performed the Epley Maneuver, which is supposed to correct BPPV 80% of the time right then and there, so naturally it didn’t work for me. 😛 Although, about three days after I had the Epley done, the acute spinning vertigo went away, to be replaced by occasional flashes of dizziness and a feeling like wooziness, with the general sort of constant “fuzziness” that you described – every day I would wake up and it was there. Plus I’d have muscle twitching, heart palpitations, and trouble sleeping. I still couldn’t sleep on my right side without feeling the weird sensation. And I still had the depression and the anxiety. Went to a neurotologist, who had me get an MRI. I also had something called Videonystagmography (VNG), which checks your eye-tracking and vestibular system. All these tests came back normal. My blood labs, done in July, also came back normal, with nothing other than elevated cholesterol of note, which my doctor downplayed as my “good” cholesterol is high.

    Part of the problem in my recovery is that the doctor prescribed diazepam, or Valium, for the depression and anxiety, because I had to wait a month to get in to have the VNG exam done, and I needed to be able to function at work. Little did I know that for me to start taking this with vertigo symptoms was a terrible idea. Initially it helped with the anxiety and depression, but the trade-off was that I could no longer sleep normally. Diazepam eliminates your REM sleep, so I would get four hours of deep sleep a night and wake up promptly in the middle of the night with no going back to sleep. This was almost worse than the anxiety. Plus, you can’t just stop taking diazepam once you start. So I had to take it for almost four weeks (low dose, too – only 4 mg per day), then spend another three weeks weaning off of it to take my VNG. What’s even worse is that people who’ve taken diazepam report having disrupted sleep for weeks and even months after completely stopping the drug. So you were right not to take it.

    When the VNG came back normal, rather than being relieving, it just raised more questions. If my dizziness isn’t inner ear related, and my MRI shows no brain tumor or acoustic neuroma or other serious brain complication, what’s causing it? My neurotologist suggested what your neurologist suggested – that I have migraines. But migraines come and go, and this feeling for me has been constant. It’s never not there. He referred me to a neurologist, though, as once the inner ear is ruled out, like you said, there’s not much more in a neurotologist or ENT’s bag of tricks.

    So I’ll be having a talk with the neurologist in a couple weeks about magnesium. I’ve been taking omeprazole (generic Prilosec) for a year and a half, and none of my doctors ever mentioned to me that this drug causes magnesium deficiency, or that magnesium deficiency could have anything to do with the symptoms I was having post-BPPV. Or that diazepam could possibly magnify the magnesium deficiency itself.

    So I’ve started taking the chelated magnesium glycinate supplement yesterday, and taking Epsom Salt baths at night to try and help with my sleep, which is still disrupted, I think from the diazepam, but also likely from the magnesium deficiency, for a double whammy. Hopefully I’ll start to see some improvements.

    • Andrew says

      Wow, there’s a lot you went through that sounds so similar to my experience … but not in a good way as I wouldn’t wish that on anyone :(

      Beyond the magnesium, the only other thing that helped me while I was recovering was the 7-11 breathing I mentioned here. It took me a while to get used to it, but when I could do it for 5-10 minutes it really took the edge off the anxiety and fuzziness. I actually used it so much that I still go back to it when I’m super stressed and need to calm down so I can focus.

      I really hope the magnesium works for you like it did for me!

  29. Kevin says

    I am so grateful for this site and thread and the information and support here. I’ve had ideal health until three weeks ago when I got the spins when flipping on the couch, eyes wheeling around in my head even when trying to focus.

    besides the magnesium and trying to reduce anxiety I’ve been trying to do downward dog yoga stance and dared to try my inversion teeter chair and breathe through the wheeling eyes and partial anxiety that brings…I’m able to get clear but have the same challenge when I bring myself back upright and wonder if I’m pushing it. I’ll probably start doing the 7/11 breathing technique instead.

    Thought I would introduce myself and share and send good (stable) vibes to those on the thread. Good luck.

    • Andrew says

      Hi Kevin – that almost sounds like true vertigo if the room is spinning. It’s probably worth seeing your GP and/or an ENT if it continues as it could be BPPV like others here have experienced.

      Please let us know how it goes!

  30. alex says

    Hallo from Greece!
    My problems started about a month and a half ago.I first started having nerve pain and tingling sensations in my extremeties. Then one day I started feeling what I can only describe as being light headed or spaced out.Only when I m moving not when I am sitting or driving or lying down. It hasn’t stopped since that day. Now I have fasciculations (muscle twitches) and the occasional paresthesia.Fearing for something bad (mainly Ms) i have been to a neurologist, an orthopedic and an emt. They couldn’t find anything wrong and write it off as stress. I started taking a magnesium supplement after searching on the net.Its been 12 days taking 200mg a day. I haven’t noticed any remarkable improvement but I’ll keep taking it hoping for the best.I’m also considering doing a vit b12 and d deficiency test.
    This site is great!!
    keep it up!

    • Andrew says

      Hello Alex! I did the exact thing when my symptoms started. I was all over the Internet finding a bunch of worst case scenarios that made me really anxious (MS was right there in my list as well).

      I hope the magnesium helps. Please check back and let us know if it does.

    • Kris says


      I am new to this site but have been experiencing similar symptoms as you and others. I’ve done quite a bit of research on Magnesium deficiency. You should read Dr. Carolyn Dean’s book “The Magnesium Miracle”. From what I’ve read, it’s important that you are taking the right kind of Magnesium, make sure you are measuring the ELEMENTAL mg of Magnesium, and you need to increase your dosage until the symptoms disappear. 200 is not enough. You need more like 600-800 mg of elemental Magnesium spread out throughout the day. I’m working on the same thing myself, just trying to find a Magnesium I can tolerate. Chelated Magnesium Glycinate seems to be the best. Dr. Dean sells a highly absorbable form she calls ReMag as well. Best wishes to you!

  31. Yvonne says

    I am thrilled to find this thread and wealth of information. My concern is for my 18 year old daughter. She has a horrible diet. She loves sugar (iced coffee drinks, candy, frozen Ickes, slur pies), eats a little chicken occasionally, no other meat, hates fish and no nuts. She’s 5’4, 105 pounds. During her annual medical exam her labs are perfect-no anemia, cholesterol and vitamin D, normal levels. A year and a half ago we flew to Dallas where she was modeling in an expo. When we landed she was dizzy and the room at times was spinning and she was nauseous. She spent the first 24 hours in bed and had no appetite. She avoided elevators because when she left better this would make it worse. She was fine after 3 days. She has joint pain and leg cramps occasionally but not often. Today, she texted me she is dizzy. She does experience this feeling w/o any rhyme or reason. It usually goes away after a few days but she doesn’t do or take anything to assist. My biggest question is what form of magnesium can I give her? She DOES not swallow pills. There are very few goods I can add it to that she will take successfully. She eats salads almost twice a day. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. Many major tests, mri’s, etc have ruled out arthritis or any other major conditions for her joints. At times it was so bad she was on crutches. I truly think magnesium may help. I took it years ago fir my vertigo/dizziness and it cured it. Thank you.

    • Andrew says

      Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm is a magnesium citrate power that you mix with water and is super easy to take, so it might be worth a try.

      Please let us know how she does!

  32. Kay Andre says

    Hi Andrew

    Interesting to read about your story, i am a 31 male from Norway, been dizzie since June 2014. A rocking feeling and like im in movement even though im sitting still. I took many bloodtests, MRI scan, seen many fysioterapeuts to see and help if it is muscle related.
    I went to a balance therapeut 3 weeks ago, she checked me with video IR goggles and found BPPV in lateral kanal, she started to threat it and sent with me home a sheet with excercises to do home. I havent been any better still, after excercises i feel worse, then in one week it goes back to what it was. So i wonder if it could be any vestibular migraine related, can i ask how you expericed your dizzines? Spinning or rocking? Today i bought magnesium pills 300mg, so i will start with it today, and maybe look at a MAV diet to try.
    Thanks for your answers, have a nice day.

    • Andrew says

      Hi Kay –

      My dizziness was mostly a sense of fuzziness, as though everything around me was slightly off kilter, but no spinning or rocking.

      I did have BPPV years back and at that time the whole room was spinning around me. I could lay flat on my back, look at the ceiling, and feel my eyes constantly tracking from left to right.

      I hope that helps a bit. Please let us know how you make out!

  33. Johanna says

    I want to give Natural Calm Magnesium a try, but I thought it was organic and it turns out it’s not, do you think it matters if it’s not organic?

    I’m taking it for the same symptoms you’ve mentioned, mainly dizziness.

    I have been taking Magnesium Citrate in capsules and it seemed to work but now that I’ve been off magnesium I feel I need it again and want to give the powder form a try. Do you take magnesium in capsules or powder?


    • Andrew says

      Hi Johanna.

      I take tablets now but I’ve tried the powder and it worked pretty well for me, and it was super easy to take. In fact my wife still takes Natural Calm every night and has been for about 3 years now.

      I think it really just comes down to trying a bunch of different types of magnesium in order to find out what works best for you while also coming in a form you can tolerate. Everyone here that is having success with magnesium seems to be using something different :)

      Good luck, and if you try the powder please let us know what you think!

      • Johanna says

        Thanks! I will give it a try.

        I have a couple more questions, please:

        Is it ok if I add the Natural Calm magnesium powder in cold water or any other cold drink like milk, a shake or a smoothie instead of hot water?

        Also, what’s the main difference between glycinate and citrate or how did you realize glycinate was better for you? Someone told me that glycinate is better if you don’t have enough magnesium in the blood.
        Citrate worked great for my headaches and a bit for dizziness, so I might increase the dosage of citrate but hoping it won’t be too much for my stomach since it’s in the citrate form.

        Thanks again.

        • Andrew says

          To be honest we’ve been using the Natural Calm in cold water instead of hot and it appears to work just fine. I just wait until it’s done fizzing. I haven’t tried it in anything other than water though. I wonder if a thicker liquid would keep it from fizzing … ?

          Regarding the glycinate, it was just trial and error. I tried citrate for a couple weeks then assessed how I felt, then I tried glycinate and did the same thing. It wasn’t scientific, but the one rule I made myself adhere to was that I would only change one thing at a time then wait and see how I felt. It was tough being patient, but in the end I knew pretty well which changes made me feel better.

  34. Joan says

    Hi Andrew,
    I was diagnosed with vertigo over 10 years ago and learned how to manage it without the meds that doctor prescribed because they just made me feel worse. I had milder symptoms daily, but would sometimes have severe episodes where I couldn’t get out of bed for entire day. Felt like room was spinning, couldn’t focus my eyes on anything and horrible nausea. About 5 years ago, I started taking 1 TBS per day of unsulphured blackstrap molasses to help with other issues for skin and energy level. After one month, I started realizing that my vertigo had subsided. I researched magnesium deficiency since blackstrap is an excellent food source of this mineral and finally made the connection that low magnesium had most likely been my problem all along. I have passed this info along to other people with dizziness or vertigo symptoms and they have gotten better by taking the blackstrap molasses as well. It’s actually a good source of many minerals and vitamins. Thanks for your informative website!

    • Andrew says

      Blackstrap molasses – very interesting. Now I have to go read all about it :)

      Thanks for sharing your story, Joan!

  35. Donna says

    It is so important that you have this site where you have talked about your experiences. I had a very similar reaction and came across the magnesium solution by accident. I would occasionally get dizzy spells maybe twice a year which lasted only a day or two. But recently i had an episode which went on for ten days. I had already been researching vitamin D3 deficiency and read about the need for K2 and magnesium for the overall balance for bone health and calcium absorption. Once i added higher levels of these vitamins i then researched magnesium, and like you, took chelated magnesium … Dr’s Best brand. After one night of taking 300 mg, my dizziness and vertigo ended the next morning! Also my terrible 3 day long tension headache ended which was caused by tight muscles in my neck.

    There is an important needed balance between vitamin D3, calcium (esp for women), Vitamin K 2 (MK-7) and magnesium ( chelated seems one of the beat for high absorption without a laxative effect). I would recommend that everyone get their levels checked, as most people are deficient and cannot get the proper amt from food or the sun. And doctors are not telling their patients about the multiple problems these deficiencies cause. I hope this helps someone else who is suffering from inflammation or dizziness or tension headaches. The Vitamin D council is a helpful place to start researching. And please read up on what a proper dosage is and interactions. Magnesium certainly helped me immensely.

    • Andrew says

      Thanks for sharing your story, Donna. It’s definitely tough to balance those four vitamins and minerals. I wish there were an easier way to regularly check them. I recently went to the doctor for something and wanted my magnesium and calcium levels checked while I was there and I had to ask a couple different times before they agreed, and in the end I still only got a serum magnesium test instead of an RBC magnesium test.

      I’m very glad to hear the magnesium helped you so much though :)

  36. krystle says

    Wow. Im so glad i came across this page.. going on my sixth year of being dizzy and i think this may be the culprit. . Ive done endless amounts of research and have been to some of the best Drs in Boston.. and none of them mentioned magnesium to me.. ive tried magnesium before but not quite enough,i didnt think it was the answer… i thought it was more complicated or something worse. My anxiety hits me and the dizziness gets so bad my vision gets blurry.. its scary.. every test theyve done all besides vitamin deficiencies! I will let you know if it helps ive started today and im going to stick with it. Thanks for all this information, i hope this is the answer im looking for

    • Andrew says

      Six years is a long time to be dizzy, Krystle! :(

      Please let us know how it goes, and maybe also try the 7-11 breathing technique I mentioned in the post if you haven’t already – it helped me a lot at the time.

  37. Toni says

    Hello.. me again! back from last summer, when I suffered from low adrenals and could barely get out of bed! I commented on magnesium then, but didn’t continue on with it. (go figure) (and me a wellness coach.) anyway…. I got that horrible upper respiratory infection the week for Thanksgiving (2014) and although I don’t ever take antibiotics, I caved in for them and did a Z Pack. A shot of prednisone. This only lasted five days on meds. Since the last day of the Z Pack, I have not felt right. I read that pharm meds can deplete the body of Magnesium.. so, there we have it. I believe I am always a bit low.. but anything out of the ordinary really sends me down, down, down into the abyss of myself. A general feeling off-ness… tight neck, weird in the gut… feel like my blood sugar can’t balance, with a gnawing in the stomach even after I eat…. sort of burny (like over all inflammation)… eyes weird (even my new glasses seem off)… I feel weak in my sleep.. hard to explain.. but like I am going to just drift off into death.. like I have no life force! General brain fog… almost like a personality change.. like I am not me.. there is nothing like my old ‘lightness of being’… how could there be when one spends every waking moment worried about why nothing seems functional anymore.? It is worse for me moving forward… like walking through the grocery store, through the house… not power walking, but even gentle walking…. not as bad at all as when lying down, or reclining on the sofa watching t.v…. even if I stand half way up, it is not as bad. Something about being completely vertical! A feeling of being surreal…. I went to the ER last week.. sick of this.. and they did a CT scan.. nothin’;…. did a battery of blood tests, and potassium was just a wee bit low… but nothing else showed up. Went to the general PCP last Thursday, did another battery of tests which they called to say were normal today. Good grief. (almost wished it showed something.. even low iron. ANYTHING!) I hate this ringing in the ears too… Considering Dr. Dean teaches everything can be off due to low magnesium, it all makes sense to me.
    I just wanted to throw in about Dr. Carolyn Dean’s ReMag.. as mentioned above.. I’ve watched many of her YouTube videos.. please have a look at any of them… very informative… and I hear stories that are like myself coming and going! Dr. Dean has created her own magnesium now ReMag that does not require the intestinal tract at all.. goes right into the cells.. so you don’t have to toil over which kind of magnesium to try… does not cause loose stools.. I believe I will try my daughter on it also (32 yrs old) who is on dialysis. …(double kidney failure)…since this magnesium goes right into the cells and will not tax her kidneys…..

    and also referring to B-12 vitamins… forget the shot! You can get a B-12 sublingual/under tongue tab that tastes like cherry and it has a higher efficacy than the shot! You can melt one daily and get what you need! Not expensive.. I’ve used Now Foods brand, just fine!
    The other thing in referring to Vit. D… remember, this is not a vitamin… it is very powerful.. and it is a ‘hormone’… not a vitamin.. is also fat soluable so you can get waaay too much built up in the body… best way is sunlight, of course.. but good to have a test to see where your levels are.. Dr. Dean, as I recall, cautioned as to supplementing with D until you get magnesium levels optimal…. I was going to tell you a few other things, but dang. brain fog. (magnesium deficient, of course!) I have just ordered Dr. Dean’s ReMag.. hope it comes fast fast fast… so I can get on my way. Don’t want to live feeling like this much longer! if anyone else every experiences getting shakey or feeling anxious at the drop of a hat.. even at just the thought of something taxing or challenging.. I’d like to know. It is almost like my autonomic nervous system has a life of its own. arrrggggh. ok.. be well everyone. and I hope my blabbing has helped someone! Best wishes to all.. and let’s get this silly dizzy syndrome under control! toni

  38. Toni says

    oh, oh, oh.. I meant to tell you… please discover Dr. Mark Sircus as well… he has the book on Sodium Bicarbonate which is so worth reading.. you will be delighted. He also talks about magnesium and sodium bicarb together… getting acid levels down in the body, etc. He is a great teacher. thanks… toni

  39. ajay says

    My son is 17 years old and is suffering from severe headache and spinning inside his head. we have shown him to all doctors and done all the tests possible but nothing has been solved. He has this fit for 7-10 days and then suddenly gets better. I am giving him healthy home cooked food with supplements such as B vitamins, iron, d3 and magnesium.

    Can someone help at all ?

  40. Cindy says

    I found this information today and will start right away. I have been dealing with vertigo for a year now. Every day all day. Some days worse. I have been to an ENT and an Internist. Nothing wrong. MRI – clear. Now a Neurologist next. Everyone that deals with dizziness or vertigo – hats off to you. It’s the worst thing – trying to ignore it. Some days – absolutely dreadful. It makes you tired, really tired. I can’t wait to see if this works. I am also going to try acupuncture as well. I have many of the deficiency symptoms for sure. I did take a supplement years ago – but stopped.
    Thanks for sharing this. It will at least put me on a path – and hopefully a cure!

  41. Deanna Rudd says

    My doctor prescribed an increase in my magnesium to 2 capsules twice daily instead of 1 am and pm. My bone density test showed osteoporosis. Now I am dizzy right after my first dose. Is too much magnesium the cause?

  42. Olivia says

    Thanks for sharing. I had a bad chest infection at the beginning of the year which really hit me badly. Ever since then I noticed my heart racing even though my manual pulse and ECG was normal. Then I started to have dizzy spells and a very vague feeling when at work. Followed by a strange muscle cramping around my right clavicle. All this set off anxiety attacks. I work in the medical industry and remember that magnesium is great at preventing cramps and muscle spasms so I thought I would give it a go. All to find out that a few days later the other symptoms have slowly gone away too. I still have a bit of a funny dizziness in the afternoon but not nearly as bad, and getting better everyday.

  43. Sue says

    In Nov 2014 had extreme dizziness after flu. Went to ENT, catscan showed nothing, mineral blood tests were all normal. 3 months later went to neurologist had MRI of brain, neck, throat–all normal. Have neck muscle pain and strangely teeth pain with no teeth problems ( after Dentist). Almost ended up in ER twice with palpitations, hot flashes and the strange dizziness which is like walking on marshmallows, anxiety and nerve twitches when I close my eyes. I told myhusband it seems like im dying and no one can figure it out.

    Thank you for this site! I am on sometimes up to 900 mg of magnesium daily and epson baths, along with potassium. Yes, potassium and magnesium seem to go hand in hand. Do yall realize you need 4,700mg of potassium daily? If you look at the contents in food it seems almost impossible to getthat daily amt. highest is potatoes at 900-1000mg, , which i was told are pure sugar and stopped eating. I also was on RO water for over a year. I truly believe my blood tests were normal because somehow the minerals were being pulled from cells or bones (teeth)?

    I am much better returning to normal, drinking filtered tap water and taking these minerals and watch my daily magnesium and potassium like a hawk. It is taking a long time but at least im not in the ER mode I was in 3 months ago and I can think and function. Baby steps.

    This site is truly a lifesaver, thanks again.

    • Andrew says

      I’m sorry you had to go through all of that Sue. It sounds like you are doing better now though! :)

      I hope things continue to improve for you. Please stop back and let us know how it goes.

  44. Shannon says

    Too much magnesium can be a problem too. I’ve been taking 500 mg Rx by my Doc for months and lately couldn’t figure out why my BP was so low and I’m dizzy all the time. I am female 135 pound and I think it’s way too much and causing me problems.

    • Andrew says

      That’s a great point Shannon. When I take too much it affects my digestion but too much magnesium can definitely affect blood pressure as well.

      Just like anything else there’s a sweet spot in the middle which I think is different for everyone :)

      When my doctor recommended magnesium he gave me a range of 400mg to 1000mg to try and I had to find the right balance myself. I’m still glad he suggested it though :)

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